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What we did

Website Development

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User Membership Generation

Project Overview

Objective: To modernize the Friends of HPU website to better facilitate donations and memberships by incorporating an engaging design that motivates supporters through incentives such as raffles for game tickets.

Key Features:

  1. Updated Design: Enhanced user interface and user experience to create a welcoming and intuitive navigation.
  2. Donation and Membership Integration: Streamlined processes for one-time donations and fan memberships.
  3. Raffle Incentive: Automatic entry into game ticket raffles for members, promoting higher membership engagement.
  4. Community Connection: Emphasis on the connection between fans, alumni, businesses, local nonprofits, and student-athletes.


Impact: The redesign aims to increase financial support and community involvement for High Point University student-athletes by making it easier and more appealing to contribute and participate.

Visit the updated website for more details.